My heritage – My pride – My people

My heritage – My pride – My people

My veins are more solid then most

They are made by the strongest

The blod they are made of is pure

The purest and fiercest Queens

Have at one time build empires

With nothing but there body and soul

My pride runs deep..

It is what keeps me flowing

It is what keeps me at peace

It is what keeps me smiling

During poverty, in war & conflict

It is what kept the enemy out

Of my boarders for centuries

It is what is hurting me now

It is what is keeping me on the headlines

My people are notorious

My people are misunderstood

My people are all and nothing

My people are human beings

A new beginning 

A new beginning 

When we arrive at our new distination

Our new home

We hope that it is a chance

Of a new beginning

Where we get to start over

Try living life again

As we were intended to

With all its set backs

All the conflicts and many difficulties

We still hold our head up

Face them without fear

We learn a new language

We learn a new culture

We learn how to adapt

We learn how to defend

Our selves, our shortcomings, our heritage, our dignity and our pride

Our struggles become our salvation

Our faith becomes our strength

Solange Knowles new masterpiece

Solange Knowles new masterpiece


Hi y’all..

Solange has realised a new album 30th of September, an album with the title ‘A Seat at the Table’. Newpapers and bloggers all of the World started writting and commenting. Some had done some research were others just started baiting and trolling. One of Denmarks biggest newspapers ‘Politiken’ chose to write following headliner: “Her går grænsen: Du skal holde fingrene væk fra mit hår!” which in English means: Here is the line (you shouldn’t cross): (You should) keep your hands from my hair. On their facebookpage they kept the tone and stated following: “Solange, why are you always angry?”

When I read this post on ‘Politiken’s’ facebookpage my first reaction was ‘Here we go again’.. So I started writting a post with my thought, which I have decided to share on this blog.

“Solange has made an album about blackness in America. One of her songs are: ‘Don’t though my hair’. My reaction: Word! (and a bunch of celebratory smileys). Politiken’s reaction: ‘Solange, why are you always so angry?’.

Here we go again.

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since my last post here on my blog. I’ve been busy with studies and other important stuff. Summer vacation is here and so are my posts on Apuzzlingpassage.

My first blog is about a new test made by some students in the US. The test is called WAKE UP and looks at our society, and how we choose to look at the people in our society. At the end of the test you will get a result with an assessment of your ‘wakeness’. Hope that you will look at the link below and take the test. This is an interesting and important topics like security, justice, race and human rights230488_2036662671696_1098101902_32467760_317351_n

Here’s some more information about the test made by Harvard:

Instead of sharing graphic videos of two men dying at the hands of police officers, asking when it will stop, and then going on with my life, I am compelled to do something. This is what I have to offer – the Implicit Bias Test. Take it. Educate yourself. Yes, it’s long – you have time. It is important. Share it. Educate your friends. I understand the legal standard for justification – the subjective intent of the officer. But what if that’s not the right standard? Let’s challenge the current state of the law (yes, we can do that). Or, what if there’s STILL a way to fix this problem? I believe there is.

I believe the problem lies in implicit bias – the biases we have that we aren’t even aware of. Even those of us with the best of intentions and hearts of gold have implicit bias rooted deep down inside of us. The first step in tackling it is to become aware of it. I was shocked when I scored in the highest range for bias AGAINST African Americans.

Take this test and wake up. I believe that if we WAKE UP, and force everyone in our society to WAKE UP, we can unite and solve this problem. We CAN do better. We MUST do better. Please take this test and share it. #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile

I am an Island, but I am not alone!

I am an Island, but I am not alone!

IMG_0304To seek and reach my full potential. Give it a chance to grow and evolve in its entirety and as an entity. Not just half or some of it, but gradually develop and nurture it. So I receive the support from Allah and myself, without relying on other’s. Relying on my optimism not my cynicism. No longer reliving past traumas that effect my future. But let by gones be by gones. How do I plan to do all of this? By being simple yet efficient. Focusing on my soul just as much as focusing on my brain and mind. Remembering that I’m only one person, one human being. That I’m not an island that it’s not possible for me to concure every obstacle in solitude..

I am an island with needs like every other island. An island that can receives help from other people, who are my kinship, friends or my acquaintance. They  are all valid ways and paths to the same goal. Unity, support, positivity, determination and acknowledgement. These five adjectives I shall remember by using remembrance as my guide. Embrace them I will, so I can gain more in return than I would ever wish for. I was and still am created with all the elements and parts needed to help myself and those near me. But before I have used the knowledge I have obtained the last 26 years to good. In a positive none destructive way. I will get the result I’ve always longed for. Instead of staying fake positive and saving only my fake face for a fake period of time.

My purpose of life is to be the best version of me…

One day at a time. One step first and then the next. Step by step. Through Sabr. By being  patient and the guidance of my Lord. In time I will prevail and perceiver.

My only wish on my 26th Birthday..

My only wish on my 26th Birthday..

Today is my Birthday. All I wish on this day of joy is for more knowledge and strength.I am on a new path. Leaving my old self behind. Learning from my past mistakes.Leaning more on myself. Knowing the strength of my own two shoulders. Letting my tears of prosperity go. Getting to the point I’ve always longed for. Neglecting nothing not like I did the day before. Giving to myself just as much, if not more than I did.

My goal is to pray all 5 prayers by the 5th of may 2016. A year from now I will..

heart in hand

Use my prayers as my guidance, as my core calmer, as the thing that drives and motivates me to do better and to be a better version of me. To make prayers the tool that helps me treasure and sustain my identity. For I know who I am, I merely wish to be able to see and feel that person fully. Without doubt and fear. Fearfully free to become the balanced person Allah has created me to be.

Toward an Onto-Linguistic Turn

Toward an Onto-Linguistic Turn

As we posted earlier in 2014, Creative Minds CPH took part in the Den Frie Udstillingsbygning‘s workshop, which was hosted jointly by American artist Blake Shaw and the museum’s public art section.
Blake Shaw works with various video-based performances in public spaces.

Here is the final video, where you can hear the artist himself describe the project! We hope to work with Blake Shaw in the near future again – his work is so inspiring.



How come all aspects of my life face unconditional turbulance

From left from right leaving me out ears out of the shades into the gloomy light

Shady sounds shimmering shoving stirring up sinful streams

Making me shout – Unwanted and uncall for you always will be..

How come – hoe come – who came?

Written to fast, writting, reading unreadable words..

No one seems to get me, I no longer get this..

Words streaming out of my ears, into my mouth and out of my nose again..

From above, from the sides and coming up from under..

All angels are in action and none of them are communicating

Staring at nothing and ignoring one another – all is numbed

December Is Almost Over..

December Is Almost Over..

Rahmad and YusraI woke up this morning with a lovely ambiance surrounding me – like a fresh breath of air. The mood became hopeful, telling be to take a break, and think things through at least twice. I know it has to be because of something new. Have no idea where this came from or what made it happen to me now. It just made me whole again. You know, when you get that boost of realness, proving to you it might not have been a coincidence. Emptiness I had with me yesterday seems completely gone.


What you were waiting for subconsciously, did eventually drive you over to ‘stressville’ and left you at ‘boulevard where you’ll forever doubt yourself’ all alone. However, at this moment it is calming you down. Telling you everything will be fine again. Knowing that in your state of mind ‘fine’ is just a smile away from sadness. You finally get the courage to say: Hell to the NO! Demanding more of what you truly deserve, well knowing that it might just end with a goodbye or even worse with a silent confusing maybe. We never thought it would last more the moments, yet we’re still in each other’s sphere years after the first disaster. Enjoying the company while planning what to do next.


All I can do when I gain my conscience again is laugh out loud and make a big heavy sigh. So high that I can see my body reboot itself. Refilled with new energy I manage to sit up straight, in my weird enough awfully comfortable bed. Smelling new baked bread suddenly soberly thinking; ‘It’s Sunday that’s why!!!’. Knowing it is you. Your here with me. And for that reason all I want to do is run over to you, and immediately say: “I know I can change. If that change means that you’ll become mine for real this time. I can change for you but only for you. You bring that out of me.”


– XOXO, Yusra O..

(Storytelling) ‘Dear (future) daughther or son’

(Storytelling) ‘Dear (future) daughther or son’

I hope you are doing well. That you a are having a great time and that you are surrounded by all those, who love you unconditionally. Aspire to become the best version of you. Strive for greatness, but please don’t let these aspiration define or confine you into something or someone you’re aren’t. You have the potential to be whatever you feel you need, whenever you want to. Fear is never an option. You’re never alone. Trust in Allah. Trust in yourself. You know what you need to do to get to the next step. Believe in that in everything especially in you. You can do anything. Achieve the impossible. Do the necessary things and let the rest be. The last thing I want to tell you is… Dream big! Imagine a new space that fits you, and let that make it easier for all your incredible dreams to come to life. If you have a new idea, write it down. Remember it and try to bring it to life! I love you dearly, and wish you all
good in life
❤ your (future) mother..


Spain in August

Spain in August

This summer I went with my nieces and sister to Spain. We visited to cities, Malaga and Granada.

It was lovely journey. As a family we explored and made some great memories, which I will cherish.

I felt inspired an chose to take pictures on my iphone. Pictures of flowers, gardens and other great

elements of the Spanish nature.


Pictures will be uploaded soon!

I Ought To

I Ought To

Desires are no longer
What keeps me sane
What once was pure
Is now fully turned, tainted
Truth is our past

My future is on a spaceship
No longer a worldly creature
I surcome, to become
One with my ground,
My Foundation

This futuristic spaceship
Is the Y to your letter
Ingraved in your inner thoughts
I circle around your sphere
Like a bright orbit

Only focusing in on lifely things
Like living, breathing, being
Lovely emojis showing
How lively and happy I’m feeling
Turning it into the Real me
Freed to live in my loneliness

I’m faithful and focused on the present
State of realness, never really
Not faced by others strain of thought
I truthfully pray that you’ll
Someday walk towards me

Towards our light
Which we share
On the same path
Which we have been on for a while
Our mutual life is mysterious
Just like you are mysterious
to Me..

I Am…

I Am…  

Some thoughts of mine on this lovely Friday in DK,

Yeah I’m Somali, I am a woman, I am a Muslim, I’m proud of who I am. And I know and cherish being black. This song by B, pretty much sums it all. If I wan’t to talk to the media on be half of Somalis in DK, EU, WESTERN WORLD or DIASPORA – I will do it in my own time. Not on your (whoever you are’s) borrowed time!

This summer is by far the most bussiest one, so many articles, thought-provocking fb statuses an so forth. Nice change right after the more silent spring. I must admit I sometimes miss the silence. Let us see what the fall brings, hopefully something in between that balances all and everything beautifully, like B’s great song ‘Flawless’ ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, one of my favorite writers, not just ’cause she’s African & fierce ..

LINK: ..‪#‎YeahIfeeliAmFlawless‬ ‪#‎ButSoAreYOu‬ ‪#‎IfYaWantTo‬

Jum’ca wanaagsan kuligiin.. Wish you all a blessed Friday..


Palestine/Israil conflict

Palestine/Israil conflict

We all need to wake up, and look at the bigger picture.

This forced marriage was never meant to work, yet it has for a long time been fixed and put with a new kind of plastic surgery, so it could last 60+ years. Induring the same domestical desputes by lashing out old and used tactics; like threats of cutting of the other partner, ruining the other partners propety and reputation. All these ancient tricks and seductive methods won’t work any longer.

Most people of the global World are fed up, tried, angry, hurt, gutted & horrified by the last couple of weeks massacre. But in all seriousness be real folks, we in Europe, Afrika, America an so on have NO freaking idea off, how life is for all of the citizens of both Palestine AND Israel. We should learn from our past mistakes, from the mistakes made by our elders. Why would we hurt innocent people? Trying to prove what point? That we Muslims have the same strength the Israeli millitary has? Wow, what a great plan – I think not. (The same goes for my fellow Christians, Jews, atheists and agnostics. Cyper hating and threatening is just as Real and much more hurtful!).

What in Gods name have jews or muslims living overseas, or even civilian jews and muslims, have to do with the cruelties occurring in and around Gaza? They are not Hamas, Hezbollah, the jewish government, millitary or zionist ‘army’. Please! Let’s all try not to repeat history again and again.

Instead we should look at each other as humans, which we all are (alhamdulilah). Stop planning a new boycot of jewish product (been there done that.. Did it even help the last time?).

If we need to show our symbolic support and love for the suffering people of Palestine, we need to learn to listen and not act like bossy and confused parent’s, who don’t know where, what, how and why…

I’m sure that boycutting and the other tactics used by many muslims have an effect. I just feel that a more inclusive approach is also needed. Because with some tactics comes a lot fear and build up tension within the muslim community (rightfully so because of all of the injustice). But none of us really know which jews are to blame or if the zionist ‘army’ is Masterminding it all like somekind of illuminati. I guess my frustration comes from me wanting to be part of something positive. I’m just hoping that we can create awareness without creating segregation and division.

This conflict will not end anytime soon, and we also have ‘war/conflict’ zones in other countries like South Sudan, Syria, Kenya, Burma, Somalia and so on.. Which makes it even more important that we all regardless of faith, also remember to look at it from an humanity perspective. So that the Jews/Christians/Muslims, who are engaging in this inhumane activities won’t be set free and will be punished for their actions in this life and at judgement day in sha Allah. I still think that there’s a need for a different tone or strategy when dealing with social media and the mass media. We are all so connected now and therefore also so easily miss informed about what is happening around the world. Sadly the situations seem to get worse not better.

I hope and pray that things will better in the future now that the international World finally has spoken and showed their sadness and disgust with the situation.

We need a new vision for our World. Look at the bigger picture people. Remember it’s not the only ‘war’ we got going on!




Why do I write and write, when I know the effect my words have own my people and their people is minimal. Caring us over to a stream of innocent tricks and tasks made.

Receiving the praise we crave for. We dedicate ourselves for the cause, the light that surrounds us spreads spirit thunder and thousands decades of merry. Wonderfully enchanted we get, with the soft spoken winger-song-writer music in our heads. I breath for you and you for the sake of our mother. We gather as one people of the world. Wounded by none other than shorn.

People of Earth have become shells of empathy, where shelter has no accommodations. Striving for more than we can overcome, we have evolved as a human cloned collage of what we once where. What we never will become is the ‘illusional’ future we try to escape to. Escape-goats can be created, we create them every 3rd month, yet the wont save us or hide our flaws no more.

We fail as individuals. We were a collective unite once. Or so we are told by historians, writers, explorer’s, travel books and narratives told by our Mothers and their Mothers.. Soon we will be the myth told to children’s in schools and shown in Museums, Accurately inaccurate we write our history.

Defying the purpose of our honorary task, we dispute – divide – degenerate – decertifying our mission in life. Sufferings yet not sympathizing with the less fortuned. Suffers are for those who believe the transcendent powers swinging over the top of our head. A Goddess I wish to become in your eyes weary lights fire back at us, while you shelter me from the sad predicament I neglect to control my destiny.

I am human, woman, golden I can be – If they would set me free. I see more than what I saw yesterday. Tomorrow I might see you beside me. No rulers of this country is needed. Only a necessity to re-conquer our own minds, head and memory. Heritage is given to does who pay attention to the tales told by their family and the spirits of their baggage..

Ghosts are the storytellers of the past, the spirits are the fortune tellers of our ancestor’s victory. I am who I want to be. I was granted full immunity.. Immortality is for childish creatures. I believe that I can be the Goddess I wish to see when I wake up and face my reflection in the mirror.

Oh, how I wish to get away from my on deceptive mind and that old grey inception ally in scripted weary sign. Struggling with healing my wishful personality and freshly pure printed smile on my light-skinned yet still dark-chocolaty face. Gracefully expecting that I will me neglected, rejected and subjected by all those who think I owe them me, my creations and wisely kept words.

I sigh and say my goodbyes to your cries that smell of treason and tragic endings. I wonder if you would go away and let my companion take His lawfully earned spot in the sunshiny light If I write the truth I’ve seen. The truth I see in your deceptive eyes.. I might do so to keep you from becoming a locally frequent guest. Regularly disliked like a thunder that struck in the spot at the wrong time.

I will not try to defeat you. For I don’t fear what I will accomplish, I am convinced that you ought to fear what is installed for me – future is bliss and blessed are we you believe in our own flavory flashpoint..



Some people are talented and some people are gifted.
The difference is how people choose to show their ability, their mojo.
Being gifted is a beautiful disease.
It intensifies everything.
Makes you feel hype and on top of the world.
But it also leaves you with a knombness and emptyness.
Feelings that always is around some corner, waiting to give you an idea.
A valuable one that comes and goes even quicker.
People like comment and telling others what to do.
They’re quick to judge and will not hesitate to put someone close to them down.
So they can be ‘the one’ that prevailed once again.





Get started early every day and you will be twice as pleased next week that you did it. Other invitations may be coming in fast during the month so you need to stay focused. Listen to the right music while taking a moment to relax next weekend – you won’t regret it. If you are presented with an unbelievable amount of distractions during the next few weeks then you’ll know that you’re onto something big – just stay focused and you’ll soon reach that goal!



The wire poster

You cannot loose if you do not play.

Quote is shown in the begin of episode two of the HBO show “The Wire”. in the episode it states that this quote about losing &/or playing the game is said by a women named Marla Daniels.

Link to youtube video:



Angel HazeSO.. I was just looking at a bunch of interviews by this really great blogger called Max (, and I watched her clip with New York rapper Angel Haze… It litterally blew me away. She was kind of cocky and out there during the actual interview, which threw be of for like a second.. But then there were short clips of her first concert in London thrown in – which made me understand that it’s just part of who she is.

Her live performance just made me day. Especially the last performance shown in the youtube video.. She just seems real, she can spit, she writes her on stuff and she is from New York. Oh yeah she is a woman and most importantly she is a rapper, who’s fearless. All that = dopest!!!

I’m hyped right now and I like this feeling, SO I’m definately gonna keep checking her music out. If like rap, lyrical poetry &/or Hip Hop I advice you to type her name on Youtube and check her out facebook, her name is; Angel Haze.




Ryhmin’ and grinnin’
Always be flying
Never be smiling
When others be silent’ing
Never let them eye in …

On the ish I’m ryhmin’ on:
I don’t smile while I wind
I don’t smoke while I joke

Ryhmin’ and grindin’
I float …
Float my boat
Float my own boat
Yeah float with boats
Float – I said float
On boats, boats



Your secrets will most likely be what sets you free. What frees you from the fear inside of you. It might be the thing that gives you the courage to live life truthfully. All of these many things you believe are your deepest and darkest secrets are also going to be the thing that gives you your greatest and purest happiness’

Inspired by videos and interviews seen on youtube by strong and honest women.



POETRY resembels a hidden side of us that never goes deeper then, what you can see from the surface. Poetic words, are the sounds of peace, prosperity, power and pride; all a person needs to built up a new frame of mind; start a reality that includes everything you stand for in life. Poets are in my eyes courages people that posses the ability to observe and relive; in the right moments just by replaying the scenes in their head. They have a metode, which is a symbol of their craft; as craftments their themes and tools are signs of identification – dedication to something greater. We identify them by analyzing there thoughts, seeing their poems as paintings and not just a box of random words. We acknowledge that there are billions of things in this world; we will never ever come to understand; so we just let the talented people articulate it for us, and afterwards comment and critizise when needed. Creating an atmosphere full of creative streams and beats (for some) resembeling madness; creating a jungle of new elements and icons a place where there are no collective or genre-type rules.

Nevertheless, it’s a bit like a drawing in a high-class comic book titled: ‘the Flying Poet’ – ’cause after reading it we become ‘supermankind fly’ high – recieve powers from all of the words that pop out of the notebook and straigh into our bodies. Turning everything in the room and in our minds into colorful statements of emotions – making me and you subconsciously emotional just like the hero or the hot ‘flying poet’, who we think is cute. Cuter then the cutest pie out there – gives you confidence, you never knew you had; now that you have it you know it ain’t gonna leave you. Just like every one knows; ‘your favorite qoute from a ‘great poem’ never really gets forgotten unforgettable it will always be.’ Heavy skies, it shapes over your head and shades the thick clouds they were before. Knowing you have a sense for dramatizing, you act like nothings wrong, but then a poets word come along; a thing you never thought would happen then happened. You got it, read it all, and was left confused; wondering whose words it was; the poets, yours, our the narrator’s? Was there even a narrator with you or was it just a imaginary friend in your head?

I guess a poet is a storytelller just like back in the good-old-days, where a person could travel from city to city with the same observations, cultural tendencies, words of incouragement and language. And people still understood their message. Poets back then knew their identity, had a solid base and a stabile insight in their role. My favorite poets are a combination of traditionalists, mordernists, pacifits, freedom writers and a recent one which is internationalists – a word I might have made up (a weird habit of mine) but still seems familiar ’cause it has to do with the world view of today. I have a poet in me resembling these 5 words linked to the poems I love and inspired by at the same time.

I learned a new word today; ‘Carpe notem’ it means seize the night, and has a magical yet breezy feel to it. A concept that suits this month and ‘time’ in my life like it was made especially for it; and it might be why it’s the best way I can end these lines of thought for now.. Merely by stating the obvious! Let us all breath for a second and remind ourselves that we have the ability to touch the sky, moon, venus, mars, jupitur and my favorite planet Pluto. And still be in time for dinner plus watch your favorite Thuesday movie at 19 o’clock. What I mean by this is that the restrictions is just a state of our minds – a fase we have to face, or a level we have to complete in order to reach our final goal – the destination of our destiny.

In order to become our own poet we have to deal with these obsticals. So we can ahieve a poetic ablity that can make us live life daily – so ’Cape notem’ to all of you on this lovely Sunday morning!




TedXCity Talk filmed September 2013 – speech by Mohamed Ali

Commentary by Syed Hasan Shahid Bekhari


  • Syed Hasan Shahid Bekhari

    2 days ago: Mohammad Ali

    Your elder, Hussain Imaan, from Mogadishu … also talked about things you are now talking about … but it was many a years before Somalis took to Piracy and Terror as their means of livelihood …Imaan was visiting Pakistan as my business guest, who unfortunately had travelled to Karachi without a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate, and so, landed up in Quarintine quarters of Karachi International air-port …

    I therefore, had no options but to visit a Quarantined Hussain Imaan and discuss the prospects of our proposed Pak-Somali Joint Fishing Venture …
    It was natural for me to know more about, what then, were nascent civil-war like conditions in Somalia and how they could possibly affect our future business prospects.

    Reckon your were yet to be born … but Somalia, of forty years ago, still had the “Horn” on its map … it was also very rich in its continental shelf and off-shore marine resources of the Arabian sea … but when it came to prospects … Imaan, told me of the invisible ”foreign” hands that were at work, busy creating ”anarchy” for their own designs and purposes …

    I could therefore, say, I have a fair idea of the background, of what you now refer to, as the primary cause/s for whatever is happening in today’s Somailia …

    Being a born Voice raiser against Tyranny, any time any where … I raised my voice against this invisble foreign inteference in Somalia’s internal affairs with Imaan … in sync … at all the relevant levels in Pakistan and we did manage to find few sympathisers in the Media, who promised to highlight the issue …

    We now had a reason … the Fishing Joint Venture proposal between Pakistan and Somalia had grounds, to move forward … But soon after Imaan’s departure for home, I learned that Peace loving Hussain Imaan had been murdered by “rebels” !

    I can therefore say … You may voice your concerns, argue rationally … but rerst assured … all these will fall on deaf ears .

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You ran – I reflected

Remembering the story it would write

You + I would = a new revalation

A personal kind, the kind you can rewind

Or unwind, it is free to choose

To stay, let go, to just be or to not

I ran – You stayed

Till you had no choice but to react

So you did what you always do

You’re running – I’m still reflecting

Run a way from your own reflection

Running into my solid sillouet

It ran away from the signs of you made

It try to fade into itself, fade into new parts

I smiled – You reflected

Your eyes met mine, we smiled together

Smiling with our eyes as one entity

Our eyes become our shelter

Protecting us from the dark lights

Creating our ultimate disguise

The most valuable shield ever made

By mankind, it hides nothing

Yet reveals the overvious

Giving it a second change at life

So the one’s in hurry can see it

See us…

Disgusted with the lack of trust in this square

They all call our World

Filled with tiny squares, with shapes and shadows

Real, reasonable, they become our reality

I sigh – You cry

You ran – I smiled

Inevidable – when reflections control your life



Names.. Names…

Words we pick out, when we’re ready

To say or face something, we feared to embrace

Words that are different then simple ‘nouns’

‘Cause of their own personal lines

Them being kind of hard for us simpletans to pronounce


They’re titles to our own lives,

Titles we choose in periods

Worth mentioning as apart of

Our unique history

Worth the trials and troubles

Unifying our memories

Noticiable to others

Remembered by the important few


They’re not just words put together

By a strain of blurry thoughts

They’re not even knick-names

We just give for the sake of giving

Or accidently gave one another

No, we’re still at the beginning

Where no huge unfixable mistakes

Have been made only close one’s


Yet everything still is calm and cute

We’re at the point where everybody

Whose important get named

All the rest aren’t even visable


Naming the nameless – those who truly count

Naming them in passion and positivity

Naming them to gain or regain their love

Names that forever will stay with them


Always remind us of them, tagged in our soul

Words telling our state of mind

Stating the unspeakable – nameless yet happily alive



You ran – I reflected

Remembering the story it would write


You + I would = a new revalation

A personal kind, the kind you can rewind

Or unwind, it is free to choose

To stay, let go, to just be or to not


I ran – You stayed

Till you had no choice but to react

So you did what you always do


You’re running – I’m still reflecting

Run a way from your own reflection

Running into my solid sillouet


It ran away from the signs of you made

It tried to fade into itself, fade into new parts





I’ve decided to start taking my poetry more seriouse

Setting some ‘big’ goals, and seeing what it might create

I will write my first vollume of poetry stories – qoutes..

Titled “Art in Words” – it might make sense it might not..

My thoughts are basically:

“Searching for the art that lives in our words,

Comparing it to the art they create for our world,

Statements of our present to tell the future about their past,

Words in our art – the art in our words…”


PhotoWorkshop for Girls

PhotoWorkshop for Girls

I cannot believe we are already done with our first workshop. This sunday we had our final dinner with the girls and their lovely family.

It has been a great experience and I am so proud of all of the girls. They can become professional photographers if they want to.

Thank you everyone who helped these passed two weeks and we hope it has been just as great for you.

Here are the pictures from the last week (WEEK 2):







Here are some of the photo’s Yousef took with the kids outside. It was a fun and easy day. Where we had one of the volunteers Eman cook some delicious food for us – Tortillas, taziki and salad. We also decorated chocolate cupcakes. All together with was a great day – with some great pictures to show it.


Thank you volunteers and friends that came by – Bereket and Kamilla.


Yousef and Yusra enjoyed you’re company and we welcome to new girls to the ‘team’: Samira and Samia.


Look forward to seeing you all next week!


Take care untill we meet again – next Wednesday.



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StopMy friend Deeqa Said started the petition “Stop Killing Innocent Somali in South Africa: Bring those responsible to justice.” Please click on the link and sign. It takes a minute and helps more then you can imganie. We need your help to get it off the ground.

Sign it right now – here’s the link:

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I am where I’m need, on surfaces seen as the shallow one. Hanging there somewhere. Basically just hanging in there. Where I have been is the focus of must. What they need to ask, is where am I going? Towards the sun I point. Towards the heaven my ideals and goals always aim. Aimlessly against the current. Concluding that ‘I was within and I am without.