Solange Knowles new masterpiece

Solange Knowles new masterpiece


Hi y’all..

Solange has realised a new album 30th of September, an album with the title ‘A Seat at the Table’. Newpapers and bloggers all of the World started writting and commenting. Some had done some research were others just started baiting and trolling. One of Denmarks biggest newspapers ‘Politiken’ chose to write following headliner: “Her går grænsen: Du skal holde fingrene væk fra mit hår!” which in English means: Here is the line (you shouldn’t cross): (You should) keep your hands from my hair. On their facebookpage they kept the tone and stated following: “Solange, why are you always angry?”

When I read this post on ‘Politiken’s’ facebookpage my first reaction was ‘Here we go again’.. So I started writting a post with my thought, which I have decided to share on this blog.

“Solange has made an album about blackness in America. One of her songs are: ‘Don’t though my hair’. My reaction: Word! (and a bunch of celebratory smileys). Politiken’s reaction: ‘Solange, why are you always so angry?’.

Here we go again.


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