I am an Island, but I am not alone!

I am an Island, but I am not alone!

IMG_0304To seek and reach my full potential. Give it a chance to grow and evolve in its entirety and as an entity. Not just half or some of it, but gradually develop and nurture it. So I receive the support from Allah and myself, without relying on other’s. Relying on my optimism not my cynicism. No longer reliving past traumas that effect my future. But let by gones be by gones. How do I plan to do all of this? By being simple yet efficient. Focusing on my soul just as much as focusing on my brain and mind. Remembering that I’m only one person, one human being. That I’m not an island that it’s not possible for me to concure every obstacle in solitude..

I am an island with needs like every other island. An island that can receives help from other people, who are my kinship, friends or my acquaintance. They  are all valid ways and paths to the same goal. Unity, support, positivity, determination and acknowledgement. These five adjectives I shall remember by using remembrance as my guide. Embrace them I will, so I can gain more in return than I would ever wish for. I was and still am created with all the elements and parts needed to help myself and those near me. But before I have used the knowledge I have obtained the last 26 years to good. In a positive none destructive way. I will get the result I’ve always longed for. Instead of staying fake positive and saving only my fake face for a fake period of time.

My purpose of life is to be the best version of me…

One day at a time. One step first and then the next. Step by step. Through Sabr. By being  patient and the guidance of my Lord. In time I will prevail and perceiver.


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