My only wish on my 26th Birthday..

My only wish on my 26th Birthday..

Today is my Birthday. All I wish on this day of joy is for more knowledge and strength.I am on a new path. Leaving my old self behind. Learning from my past mistakes.Leaning more on myself. Knowing the strength of my own two shoulders. Letting my tears of prosperity go. Getting to the point I’ve always longed for. Neglecting nothing not like I did the day before. Giving to myself just as much, if not more than I did.

My goal is to pray all 5 prayers by the 5th of may 2016. A year from now I will..

heart in hand

Use my prayers as my guidance, as my core calmer, as the thing that drives and motivates me to do better and to be a better version of me. To make prayers the tool that helps me treasure and sustain my identity. For I know who I am, I merely wish to be able to see and feel that person fully. Without doubt and fear. Fearfully free to become the balanced person Allah has created me to be.


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