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Your secrets will most likely be what sets you free. What frees you from the fear inside of you. It might be the thing that gives you the courage to live life truthfully. All of these many things you believe are your deepest and darkest secrets are also going to be the thing that gives you your greatest and purest happiness’

Inspired by videos and interviews seen on youtube by strong and honest women.


TedXCity Talk filmed September 2013 – speech by Mohamed Ali

Commentary by Syed Hasan Shahid Bekhari


  • Syed Hasan Shahid Bekhari

    2 days ago: Mohammad Ali 

    Your elder, Hussain Imaan, from Mogadishu … also talked about things you are now talking about … but it was many a years before Somalis took to Piracy and Terror as their means of livelihood …

    Imaan was visiting Pakistan as my business guest, who unfortunately had travelled to Karachi without a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate, and so, landed up in Quarintine quarters of Karachi International air-port … 

    I therefore, had no options but to visit a Quarantined Hussain Imaan and discuss the prospects of our proposed Pak-Somali Joint Fishing Venture … 
    It was natural for me to know more about, what then, were nascent civil-war like conditions in Somalia and how they could possibly affect our future business prospects. 

    Reckon your were yet to be born … but Somalia, of forty years ago, still had the “Horn” on its map … it was also very rich in its continental shelf and off-shore marine resources of the Arabian sea … but when it came to prospects … Imaan, told me of the invisible ”foreign” hands that were at work, busy creating ”anarchy” for their own designs and purposes … 

    I could therefore, say, I have a fair idea of the background, of what you now refer to, as the primary cause/s for whatever is happening in today’s Somailia … 

    Being a born Voice raiser against Tyranny, any time any where … I raised my voice against this invisble foreign inteference in Somalia’s internal affairs with Imaan … in sync … at all the relevant levels in Pakistan and we did manage to find few sympathisers in the Media, who promised to highlight the issue …

    We now had a reason … the Fishing Joint Venture proposal between Pakistan and Somalia had grounds, to move forward … But soon after Imaan’s departure for home, I learned that Peace loving Hussain Imaan had been murdered by “rebels” !

    I can therefore say … You may voice your concerns, argue rationally … but rerst assured … all these will fall on deaf ears .

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Link: javascript:http://www.ted.com/talks/mohamed_ali_the_link_between_unemployment_and_terrorism.html?c=774997


PhotoWorkshop for Girls

PhotoWorkshop for Girls

I cannot believe we are already done with our first workshop. This sunday we had our final dinner with the girls and their lovely family.

It has been a great experience and I am so proud of all of the girls. They can become professional photographers if they want to.

Thank you everyone who helped these passed two weeks and we hope it has been just as great for you.

Here are the pictures from the last week (WEEK 2):






Here are some of the photo’s Yousef took with the kids outside. It was a fun and easy day. Where we had one of the volunteers Eman cook some delicious food for us – Tortillas, taziki and salad. We also decorated chocolate cupcakes. All together with was a great day – with some great pictures to show it.


Thank you volunteers and friends that came by – Bereket and Kamilla.


Yousef and Yusra enjoyed you’re company and we welcome to new girls to the ‘team’: Samira and Samia.


Look forward to seeing you all next week!


Take care untill we meet again – next Wednesday.



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