Here are some of the photo’s Yousef took with the kids outside. It was a fun and easy day. Where we had one of the volunteers Eman cook some delicious food for us – Tortillas, taziki and salad. We also decorated chocolate cupcakes. All together with was a great day – with some great pictures to show it.


Thank you volunteers and friends that came by – Bereket and Kamilla.


Yousef and Yusra enjoyed you’re company and we welcome to new girls to the ‘team’: Samira and Samia.


Look forward to seeing you all next week!


Take care untill we meet again – next Wednesday.



_DSC0883_DSC0884_DSC0877 _DSC0901_DSC0931_DSC0933_DSC0940 _DSC0942_DSC0980 _DSC0978_DSC0981 _DSC0987 _DSC1008 _DSC1039_DSC1065 _DSC1093_DSC0899_DSC0953_DSC0958_DSC1025



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