Angel HazeSO.. I was just looking at a bunch of interviews by this really great blogger called Max (, and I watched her clip with New York rapper Angel Haze… It litterally blew me away. She was kind of cocky and out there during the actual interview, which threw be of for like a second.. But then there were short clips of her first concert in London thrown in – which made me understand that it’s just part of who she is.

Her live performance just made me day. Especially the last performance shown in the youtube video.. She just seems real, she can spit, she writes her on stuff and she is from New York. Oh yeah she is a woman and most importantly she is a rapper, who’s fearless. All that = dopest!!!

I’m hyped right now and I like this feeling, SO I’m definately gonna keep checking her music out. If like rap, lyrical poetry &/or Hip Hop I advice you to type her name on Youtube and check her out facebook, her name is; Angel Haze.



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