Palestine/Israil conflict

Palestine/Israil conflict

We all need to wake up, and look at the bigger picture.

This forced marriage was never meant to work, yet it has for a long time been fixed and put with a new kind of plastic surgery, so it could last 60+ years. Induring the same domestical desputes by lashing out old and used tactics; like threats of cutting of the other partner, ruining the other partners propety and reputation. All these ancient tricks and seductive methods won’t work any longer.

Most people of the global World are fed up, tried, angry, hurt, gutted & horrified by the last couple of weeks massacre. But in all seriousness be real folks, we in Europe, Afrika, America an so on have NO freaking idea off, how life is for all of the citizens of both Palestine AND Israel. We should learn from our past mistakes, from the mistakes made by our elders. Why would we hurt innocent people? Trying to prove what point? That we Muslims have the same strength the Israeli millitary has? Wow, what a great plan – I think not. (The same goes for my fellow Christians, Jews, atheists and agnostics. Cyper hating and threatening is just as Real and much more hurtful!).

What in Gods name have jews or muslims living overseas, or even civilian jews and muslims, have to do with the cruelties occurring in and around Gaza? They are not Hamas, Hezbollah, the jewish government, millitary or zionist ‘army’. Please! Let’s all try not to repeat history again and again.

Instead we should look at each other as humans, which we all are (alhamdulilah). Stop planning a new boycot of jewish product (been there done that.. Did it even help the last time?).

If we need to show our symbolic support and love for the suffering people of Palestine, we need to learn to listen and not act like bossy and confused parent’s, who don’t know where, what, how and why…

I’m sure that boycutting and the other tactics used by many muslims have an effect. I just feel that a more inclusive approach is also needed. Because with some tactics comes a lot fear and build up tension within the muslim community (rightfully so because of all of the injustice). But none of us really know which jews are to blame or if the zionist ‘army’ is Masterminding it all like somekind of illuminati. I guess my frustration comes from me wanting to be part of something positive. I’m just hoping that we can create awareness without creating segregation and division.

This conflict will not end anytime soon, and we also have ‘war/conflict’ zones in other countries like South Sudan, Syria, Kenya, Burma, Somalia and so on.. Which makes it even more important that we all regardless of faith, also remember to look at it from an humanity perspective. So that the Jews/Christians/Muslims, who are engaging in this inhumane activities won’t be set free and will be punished for their actions in this life and at judgement day in sha Allah. I still think that there’s a need for a different tone or strategy when dealing with social media and the mass media. We are all so connected now and therefore also so easily miss informed about what is happening around the world. Sadly the situations seem to get worse not better.

I hope and pray that things will better in the future now that the international World finally has spoken and showed their sadness and disgust with the situation.

We need a new vision for our World. Look at the bigger picture people. Remember it’s not the only ‘war’ we got going on!



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