TedXCity Talk filmed September 2013 – speech by Mohamed Ali

Commentary by Syed Hasan Shahid Bekhari


  • Syed Hasan Shahid Bekhari

    2 days ago: Mohammad Ali

    Your elder, Hussain Imaan, from Mogadishu … also talked about things you are now talking about … but it was many a years before Somalis took to Piracy and Terror as their means of livelihood …Imaan was visiting Pakistan as my business guest, who unfortunately had travelled to Karachi without a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate, and so, landed up in Quarintine quarters of Karachi International air-port …

    I therefore, had no options but to visit a Quarantined Hussain Imaan and discuss the prospects of our proposed Pak-Somali Joint Fishing Venture …
    It was natural for me to know more about, what then, were nascent civil-war like conditions in Somalia and how they could possibly affect our future business prospects.

    Reckon your were yet to be born … but Somalia, of forty years ago, still had the “Horn” on its map … it was also very rich in its continental shelf and off-shore marine resources of the Arabian sea … but when it came to prospects … Imaan, told me of the invisible ”foreign” hands that were at work, busy creating ”anarchy” for their own designs and purposes …

    I could therefore, say, I have a fair idea of the background, of what you now refer to, as the primary cause/s for whatever is happening in today’s Somailia …

    Being a born Voice raiser against Tyranny, any time any where … I raised my voice against this invisble foreign inteference in Somalia’s internal affairs with Imaan … in sync … at all the relevant levels in Pakistan and we did manage to find few sympathisers in the Media, who promised to highlight the issue …

    We now had a reason … the Fishing Joint Venture proposal between Pakistan and Somalia had grounds, to move forward … But soon after Imaan’s departure for home, I learned that Peace loving Hussain Imaan had been murdered by “rebels” !

    I can therefore say … You may voice your concerns, argue rationally … but rerst assured … all these will fall on deaf ears .

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