POETRY resembels a hidden side of us that never goes deeper then, what you can see from the surface. Poetic words, are the sounds of peace, prosperity, power and pride; all a person needs to built up a new frame of mind; start a reality that includes everything you stand for in life. Poets are in my eyes courages people that posses the ability to observe and relive; in the right moments just by replaying the scenes in their head. They have a metode, which is a symbol of their craft; as craftments their themes and tools are signs of identification – dedication to something greater. We identify them by analyzing there thoughts, seeing their poems as paintings and not just a box of random words. We acknowledge that there are billions of things in this world; we will never ever come to understand; so we just let the talented people articulate it for us, and afterwards comment and critizise when needed. Creating an atmosphere full of creative streams and beats (for some) resembeling madness; creating a jungle of new elements and icons a place where there are no collective or genre-type rules.

Nevertheless, it’s a bit like a drawing in a high-class comic book titled: ‘the Flying Poet’ – ’cause after reading it we become ‘supermankind fly’ high – recieve powers from all of the words that pop out of the notebook and straigh into our bodies. Turning everything in the room and in our minds into colorful statements of emotions – making me and you subconsciously emotional just like the hero or the hot ‘flying poet’, who we think is cute. Cuter then the cutest pie out there – gives you confidence, you never knew you had; now that you have it you know it ain’t gonna leave you. Just like every one knows; ‘your favorite qoute from a ‘great poem’ never really gets forgotten unforgettable it will always be.’ Heavy skies, it shapes over your head and shades the thick clouds they were before. Knowing you have a sense for dramatizing, you act like nothings wrong, but then a poets word come along; a thing you never thought would happen then happened. You got it, read it all, and was left confused; wondering whose words it was; the poets, yours, our the narrator’s? Was there even a narrator with you or was it just a imaginary friend in your head?

I guess a poet is a storytelller just like back in the good-old-days, where a person could travel from city to city with the same observations, cultural tendencies, words of incouragement and language. And people still understood their message. Poets back then knew their identity, had a solid base and a stabile insight in their role. My favorite poets are a combination of traditionalists, mordernists, pacifits, freedom writers and a recent one which is internationalists – a word I might have made up (a weird habit of mine) but still seems familiar ’cause it has to do with the world view of today. I have a poet in me resembling these 5 words linked to the poems I love and inspired by at the same time.

I learned a new word today; ‘Carpe notem’ it means seize the night, and has a magical yet breezy feel to it. A concept that suits this month and ‘time’ in my life like it was made especially for it; and it might be why it’s the best way I can end these lines of thought for now.. Merely by stating the obvious! Let us all breath for a second and remind ourselves that we have the ability to touch the sky, moon, venus, mars, jupitur and my favorite planet Pluto. And still be in time for dinner plus watch your favorite Thuesday movie at 19 o’clock. What I mean by this is that the restrictions is just a state of our minds – a fase we have to face, or a level we have to complete in order to reach our final goal – the destination of our destiny.

In order to become our own poet we have to deal with these obsticals. So we can ahieve a poetic ablity that can make us live life daily – so ’Cape notem’ to all of you on this lovely Sunday morning!



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