I Ought To

I Ought To

Desires are no longer
What keeps me sane
What once was pure
Is now fully turned, tainted
Truth is our past

My future is on a spaceship
No longer a worldly creature
I surcome, to become
One with my ground,
My Foundation

This futuristic spaceship
Is the Y to your letter
Ingraved in your inner thoughts
I circle around your sphere
Like a bright orbit

Only focusing in on lifely things
Like living, breathing, being
Lovely emojis showing
How lively and happy I’m feeling
Turning it into the Real me
Freed to live in my loneliness

I’m faithful and focused on the present
State of realness, never really
Not faced by others strain of thought
I truthfully pray that you’ll
Someday walk towards me

Towards our light
Which we share
On the same path
Which we have been on for a while
Our mutual life is mysterious
Just like you are mysterious
to Me..


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