Names.. Names…

Words we pick out, when we’re ready

To say or face something, we feared to embrace

Words that are different then simple ‘nouns’

‘Cause of their own personal lines

Them being kind of hard for us simpletans to pronounce


They’re titles to our own lives,

Titles we choose in periods

Worth mentioning as apart of

Our unique history

Worth the trials and troubles

Unifying our memories

Noticiable to others

Remembered by the important few


They’re not just words put together

By a strain of blurry thoughts

They’re not even knick-names

We just give for the sake of giving

Or accidently gave one another

No, we’re still at the beginning

Where no huge unfixable mistakes

Have been made only close one’s


Yet everything still is calm and cute

We’re at the point where everybody

Whose important get named

All the rest aren’t even visable


Naming the nameless – those who truly count

Naming them in passion and positivity

Naming them to gain or regain their love

Names that forever will stay with them


Always remind us of them, tagged in our soul

Words telling our state of mind

Stating the unspeakable – nameless yet happily alive


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