You ran – I reflected

Remembering the story it would write

You + I would = a new revalation

A personal kind, the kind you can rewind

Or unwind, it is free to choose

To stay, let go, to just be or to not

I ran – You stayed

Till you had no choice but to react

So you did what you always do

You’re running – I’m still reflecting

Run a way from your own reflection

Running into my solid sillouet

It ran away from the signs of you made

It try to fade into itself, fade into new parts

I smiled – You reflected

Your eyes met mine, we smiled together

Smiling with our eyes as one entity

Our eyes become our shelter

Protecting us from the dark lights

Creating our ultimate disguise

The most valuable shield ever made

By mankind, it hides nothing

Yet reveals the overvious

Giving it a second change at life

So the one’s in hurry can see it

See us…

Disgusted with the lack of trust in this square

They all call our World

Filled with tiny squares, with shapes and shadows

Real, reasonable, they become our reality

I sigh – You cry

You ran – I smiled

Inevidable – when reflections control your life


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