I swear with all of my heart that I have been here before

Right here in front of you with my eyes all tear’ed up

Having this exact agonizing conversation

Demolishing all signs saying I was over the one before you

Eight months now remembered as a past – a moment in time

Where I felt all debts, sides, shades of shame

Closing in on crazy memories of some kind of love

‘In’ being the essential word and feeling to reflect on

‘Till it becomes the forever missing word that’s

Never mentioned when talk revolves around my love

‘Moving on’ gets postponed like chores normally do

Procrastination is almost becoming the eight deadly sin

Waving in on me in a persuasive yet illusive way

Freezing my memory selectively – creating a cloud

I’m starting to accept the truth – I’ve been here before

I might be here tomorrow if not then maybe soon after

Human’s do enter and stand at the same stop sign

Several times before they learn not to turn off at the wrong signal

But instead wait for the right kind of love and river to come

The kind that includes all shapes and shades of love

Where the missing word ‘in’ plays a vivid and descriptive part

Not feeling a shamed or boring by not necessarily knowing

When they say I am in love..

Lately I’ve sensed that a kind of love that’s special is waiting for me


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