Why don’t I say I love you too?

How come you make me happy one minute and less the next?

Shoving doubt and despair a side saying it’ll all be okay

Trying to make myself, my mind, body and soul

Remember the moments, good ones we shared

‘We could’ve shared more’ being my salvation

How come it feels like a empty one?

I made a promise to break a habit of mine that I’m not too fund of

Committing something to someone thinking at the time that it’s

Purely of good faith

To later on find myself looking straight at the cracks emerging and torring a part

The fundamentals of my heart

The parts I had in mind for you – for the future us

I was committing to give it a try – a final one – still fully committed to it

I know it wasn’t an impulsive act even do it sometimes feels like it

But.. If I fully commit to this than why am I now doubting?

Hoping the words that came out of your mouth was true

‘If it ends for some reason and you let me know why – I’m sure that we will be find’

The naive part of me gives in and consolidates the other ‘me’ with words like:

‘We’ll still be good friends you’ll see – everything will work out eventually’

When this is.. I guess we both will have to patiently sit down

& wait and see..


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