I’m currently visiting a good friend of mine called Rakia, she lives in Oslo, Norway. Rakia bought me tickets to the Beyonce concert, and it was such a great night. One full of every emotion in the book. Queen B is truly inner beauty at it’s best, she makes people feel loved and is a creature of habit. Representing her african heritage to the fullest, with the lovely song ‘Grown Woman’. In colourful outfits, dancing to the rythm of I can imagine our ancerters used to. Felt blessed and inspired in the moment, and I will now carry it as a memory. Singing proudly about my womanhood and inderpendence.

I recommend her concerts to anyone who apreciates a intens performance and the art of making people feel emotions, they never thought they had.

I’ve chosen to link this video ‘Shoolin’ Life’ it’s a song she didn’t sing, but I noticed it first today, when I was browsing her songs on youtube. It still and incredible song for the soulful and rythm lovers like myself..

//Peace and Bariis


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