I’ve been often described by others as a loving girl, who wears her heart on her sleave..

According to this youtube video, our human hearts are hidding from the world. The raise a valide question: “What if we could see inside other people’s hearts”?

This is an interesting and profound though, I wish to share with my dear apuzzlingpassage followers and friends. Hope it is as awesome towards you as it has been towards my mind 🙂

I have to admit I’m in a period where I collect poems (write them down in a chinese embrowded notebook). For some reason I’m fearful by the thought of posting them. Possible that a wave of coroage hits me suddenly..

So stay tuned and for you who can read Danish, I’ve started another blog – where I write more journalistical/ inspirational pieces. The blog has the sweet title ‘inspirerende somalier’ (translats to: Inspirational Somalis’ lol).

Hope the weather is shinning just as much where you live..

-Peace and Rice (Bariis – Somali word)

<<Yusra Osman, aka. Apuzzlingpassage
Link to new blog: inspirerendesomalier.wordpress.com


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