As solid as a tower you is

As reliable as a rock you will be

As fearless as a arrow you’ve become

As beautiful as Mother Nature

As straightforward as lines

As unique as each drop of water

As soulful as the darkest blue

As trust worthy  as your purest values


Honoring you is my pleasure

Wanting to be with I always will do

Needing you has become my sole necessity

Free I am when I’m sharing my freedom with you

We’ll be solidly in love

We’ll rely on each other’s comfort

We’ll fearlessly battles against our enemies

We’ll build on all the beauties in our life

We’ll look straightforward and never look back

We’ll defy other’s prediction in our own unique way

We’ll always maintain our soulful spirit through the art of words

We’ll depend on the trust and worth we have together

Making us stronger and more lovable every single day


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