Goodbyes sucks …

Goodbyes sucks the most. Missing someone sucks equally as much. Having no one can potentially destroy one’s soul. A hello can on the other hand heal a being to it’s total potential – again. Hello’s will forever be the best goodbyes

I have a very intelligent and loving friend, who happens to be one of my few best friends. She and I were enjoying each others company by watching the latest movie by Bradly Cooper (pretty smooking hottie) – ‘Silver Linings Playback’. Awesome movie by the way. Anywho during our conversation about love, loosing and living, we started talking about how we don’t like saying goodbye. However, we both agreed on the first few weeks of a new relation being the best and must adventures part.

The qoute is by Apuzzlingpassage aka. me.

Wicked Wednesday to everyone of you..


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