Bird tells a lot about nature, nature lets birds know that they have a freedom known by next to none, felt by fewer then few. Fruits and fresh breeze brightens our days when we’re at this coast line. Craving for fun times and laughter – uwining with the wind messing up your hair while playing with coulored my scarf. Quickly I remember hum with the rythm I hear. The wind, the breeze, the waves and the sun shines in harmony creating a melody – as significant as the moment you look into my eyes revealing that you always will be mine. Worries and bad times come and go more then we like them to. Each time we stay and pray at the same spot they left us years a go. Being busy is what you’re good at. Busy is the habit of your nature, I’m the bird that sometimes tunes in while happily singing:

Busy bees, busy bees. Summing all there way up to those trees

Them busy bees, busy bees hurrying just to hang out with them trees

Go get you dough & come back to be busy..

Being a bee with me..


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