DOCUMENTARY BY ICE T – Something From Nothing The Art Of Rap

I’m started to get more and more obsessed with ryhms and rap. I find myself watching more documentary’s about real life or historical events, which means I don’t watch that many movies.

I came across this documentary on Youtube, when I saw an interview ICE T made, where he talked about a movie he made. ICE T’s movie is called: ‘Art of Rap’ and the documentary has the same theme and topic up for dicussion. In the documentary ICE T goes around different parts of New York and talks to rappers about different things that has to do with the ‘Art of Rap’.

I liked the documentary because with was visually beautiful. It was also very cleverly made because the interviews weren’t to boring or heavy. A very creative way of showing people how afro-american culture can be art-sy and individual. Not just a negative way to destroy a brother or sister.

Art of Rap is in my opinion a way of life that some choose, while other’s a chosen by the words to speak and share with their world.

Hope you enjoy the documentary as much as I did. It inspires me to create and make even better poems. I wish to inspire others to aspire to do the same as ICE T did in this video..

Merry Monday all a y’all šŸ˜‰


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