I’m doing something that makes it clear for all

What it makes me feel, what exactly happens

What for some might appear as a preacher

Thing to do makes others feel strong and special

Like they finally really matter

When I walk on the streets in my favorite outfit

I experience a transformation that has

An effect on me – on my behavior

My way of acting and thinking – selfish or unselfish

This transformation might be happening because I

seen a glimse of, what it is like to be a man in this world

When one finds out what this feeling is like

One almost forgets how life was like before

How it was to walk around feeling timid and afraid

A thing other people do everyday, a thing I did yesterday

By wearing what makes me powerfull I become that

Acting like the world is my stage and I’m it’s most

valuable player the one who walks straight

The one who is confident in what she represents

In who she really is, in what that really means

A sparkle has been born today in me

A glorious light of possibilities for me to gain

A feeling that I don’t have to run from anything

Or try to escape from by dreams and ambitions

This emotion is positively changing my beliefs

It’s like an escape for just being me!


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