Shaking things up by saying

What you truly feel

What you do believe in

Letting go of the many what if’s by

Simply saying and doing

What your heart desires

What your mind imagines

What your being only dares to hope for

In prayers and tries to accomplish by small attempts

Building up a wall around you

To secure comfort and safeness

Ensuring yourself that you’re not settling

Yet yearning for more in silence

‘Till yearning becomes such cruelty

Creating heart crunching animosity

Distancing yourself from simpler means

Like just saying:

You are the one I dream of.. I hope we can be together happily ever after”

At that point deciding instead of destiny’s

Iron fist taking over and letting

Your fear play away with your precious

When you can make simplicity become

The force that drives you through it all

Over all the bumps you would crash into

Heals all of the bruises you normally hide

All of the obstacles that used to hold you back

On your long journey of struggle

Grabbing the dream holding it close to you

Enjoying its time knowing its right to fight

Before it all goes away & only belongs to our past


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