I won’t let the unbroken be touched

No need for me to rearrange it

When I still smile because of it

When it erases the pressure of

The fears of my parent’s and theirs

I don’t see you as a enemy of mine

You’ve never have frighten me personally

I’ve never felt oppressed or even submissive

I just haven’t had that need of direct attention

We happen to be acquaintances

We know some of the same people

We’ve not have any deep conversations

Pretty much just another typically casually superficial relation

Exactly the same description every other 20 something gives

When ask the unavoidable question, are you friends or who is that?

Instead of an awkward and highly deadly silence bursting out

I’ve find it better to merily state the obvious and avoid the small things

The things that I haven’t even figured out yet

You know the little details that the truthful voice in your head

Knows the right and scary answer to but you really don’t want to face

People might advice you to ‘speak the truth ’cause the truth always set you free’

Well, I guess they must be more thick-skinned them me

I might feel relieved and revived for a second or to

However, I always – like every single time regret for a minute

It might seem insignificant. but it only takes a minute to

Hurt a person’s feelings, to lose faith in something you believed in

To forget what kind of person you want to be, to regret who you become

To neglect who you really are

Lately I’ve began to think about my definitions of concepts like

The universe, an abstract and huge element of life, our world

Destiny, something I’ve learned to accept and let be

Commitment, a multi-facet word that can be applied to everything in life

Three words that have grown to mean more and more to me

By defining them I slowly feel as if I’m pealing the dirt away from my small eyes

So I can see what I hope to gain from living – what I desire to experience this life


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