Just googled the funniest ‘new hair style/product’; Somalian wave weave.

How to Care for a Somalian Wave Weave thumbnailSay what? This must be the funniest and weirdest thing I’ve heard for a long long time.. Really weave for Somali people? Is this weave made by a Somali man/woman who want’s the world to think that our hair type isn’t natural. Or the more obvious reason, someone said to their family or friends: ‘lets make money branding Somali hair-style for our fellow blackies and african brothers and sisters’.

Cash-fllow mentality at is best, or what our dear comedian Mr. Kate Williams says ‘our hustler attitude’ telling us to hustle all day while parting all night, with the music playing in the background.. Saying something in the lines of: “I’m a.. Imma Imma Imma hustler hustler huster… Imma Imma hustler” while you do moves as the chicks and thugs from a Fat Joe (Lean Back) or Usher (Yeah) music viedo set.. Wait a minute I know who there target group is wannabe video vixens and black mamacitas that wanna look good but like while the representing their people’s and residental area.

The first question that popped up in my mind was; Do the majority of Somali woman really use weaves? If yes why? Cause I must admit I have been asked this question. I laughed so much that the person started apologiesing, but i was just amused I guess. I took as a compliment and thought.. Wow, my hair must be kinda awesome if it looked like I went through economic distress and painkillers (panodil) before it became my hair-style.. #Funnyfact much?

Could you imagine a person going in to a high-end salon asking the receptionist: “Excuse me… Do you have a Somalian weave?.. Sorry I mean a Somalian wave weave of course..” Thinking wave, DOH! ‘Cause it’s like all dark lovely and wavy 😛 My answer would be, this is a commercial campaign that just made my day, but I highly doubt that this is a product demanded by the Somalian community or diaspora. They might still be or recommend it, but that doesn’t mean the all wear weaves or all have wave dark hair.. Haha, I once was told that the reason my hair looks African and is so curly but soft and hindi-like at the same time, and even all mulatto-latina-straight when straightent is because I’m from the North and therefor obviously Arab-looking – Maroccan. Or maybe my father was Yemeni. No no I was abopted and my parents were Danish, the biological ones were of couse always something ‘awesome’ like half finish and half Puerto Rican or Tunisien. Sigh is all I have left after that person has finished his tesis own my life and heritage. While I’m all sadened that I’m forced to come up with a wicked story of how different I look and how inspired I feel by being 100 % Somali yet look like a mix-race or ethnic exotic girl.. When in reality I’m thinking what I wierd dude this is, fantazising about something less one-dimensional, would you please 😉

Truthful I must admit.. I’m facinated by this whole ordial.. Contemplaiting gone getting my hair did like this chick on the photo. She might not be Somalian more she sure looks like a bad-ass Somali to me!



  1. The weave isn’t for Somalis. It’s made up of Somali hair and is used by non-Somalis. Also you don’t need to make up a ‘wicked story’ of your heritage or why your hair isn’t like the stereotypical African hair. Africa is made up of 57 countries so obviously we aren’t all going to look the same. So I advise you to not make up excuses for your appearance and just say you’re Somali and you have your features because of that. Not because you’re part Yemeni, or Latina, or whatever crap people come up with.

    1. Dear Ayana.

      I understand that the weave isn’t made for Somalis. But that doesn’t make the invention less funny and weird. I created this blog as an outlet – a place for my poetry, cultural likes, fun facts and photography. If my ‘wicked story’ offended you it wasn’t meant to.

      What I don’t get is why everything written by Somalis or about Somalis has to be taken as a personal attack. So that it’s clear – I’m proud of my heritage and I love my culture. At the same time I also like to talk about weird things that is/ can be associated with Somalis. I agree with you that we Somalis aren’t all a like on contratry, I see that as a beautiful and great thing.

      Best of wishes
      //Apuzzlingpassage aka. Yusra

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