Afro Lauryn Hill


There are a lot of projects and documentaries of how Africans (also minority groups in Mexico, Peru, Porto Rico) became black – which beings the racial categorization has at some time in history been develop from people from Africa (slaves) seen as Africans (different nations but geographically bound and almost chained to the name of their continent. Today some experts and historians talk about this development spiraling into a subconscious behavior or stigmatization of the African people, which is often made by the so called Orientals/orientalists and the ‘White-men’ (referring to Apartheid like circumstances). People assume that the color of your skin indicates what your identity is, what your future is and where you’ll be located. The whole concept of we are like those we hang out with, we are what we eat and the whole: Our surroundings effect our future aspirations and ambitions in an positive, negative and maybe even neutral way. This can make the idea of Africans becoming blacks a fact but also a weird public announcement – Did you know that Africans don’t necessarily see themselves as blacks? Have you ever called a African black and later own thought wait a minute he lives in Helsinki? Doesn’t he and his skin tone is more in the nougat caramel nuances? Am I being political incorrect or have the British public big-brother-watchtower made me an over analyzer that is diplomatic and incapable over provoke without always thinking about the consequences. At times I find myself doing this exact think but my reaction differs from the one a whitey (Caucasian) might come up with. I would never apologies for doing what I believe is right, what I feel entitled to do or what I by the Danish elementary and public School system have been ‘molded’ to accept, neglect and reject. Afterwards of course throw a heavy evaluation paper titled: Things you might wanna change and redefine before next project-period if you like your conscience clean and people not referring to you as a robot, Dictadonador (aka. Conquestador 4.5) or Captain Stupido. No this smouch (jewish word for an idiot) would rather write a long pathos injected paper or article explaning how everyone else just hadn’t read, seeing or talked to the right people and are blinded by the ‘minority-lovers’ (NGO’s, freedom writers etc.) the have been seduced and blinded by the light. A utopic promise has been given that these ‘minority-lovers’ has eaten without thinking; a promise called ‘Mangfoldighedsdrømmen’. We are one people, we are different, diverse and divine being the sologan on the t-shirts and sung in the jingles … But what about the many Somalis that are categorized as Africans and identify themselves as ‘different than other Africans’ (Not that I really understand what that means?). After say 50 years will they like their Afro-American brothers and sisters be redefined as black people. And have there arab-looking-but-still-black fase, where they go all black panther on the American nation and get their own nation leaders, freedom writers and heavy hitters – comedians, debaters and politicans. Maybe even a cool yet weirdly organized and SO NOT corrupt President kandidate.. Making the voters say words like; ‘Together we will be more than just or race or religion’ – repeat after me “I AM MORE, WE ARE ALL EVERYTHING…” While the smooth RnB voice of none other than the gifted Ms. Lauryn Hill seranades – ‘Everything is everything after winther must come Spring.. Everything’s still everything.. Lalalalal la’..

That was my thoughts.. I’m thinking about creating a new page on this blogg – In the name of the word-debating-game.. Where I write, repost, reblog about current issues, articles or just tell you what I think or not really think.. What you say about that. Comment below suggestions are so much appriciated and greeted with a smile..

Fresh friezy friday all a y’all 😉


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