Texting with you back and forth like nothing bad ever happened

As if I still trust and care for you like i did that day years ago

Gone guickly, gone faster than I imagined does all the dreamy

Memories and the scars they left that stay with you forever

Till your death becomes your life

I still adore you, your ideas, talks, the ideal version of you

I just don’t see the real side of who you are, not in the same way, anymore

You still compliment me as only a ‘lover’ does, normally does I should rather say

Really listen I urge you to do, listen to what I have to say

When I say stop respect it like I always respect you, instead of implying and lying

I have no reason to be affraid of getting hurt or hurting you

One was happened and the either I will not allow myself to do

Listen to be, don’t take what I have to give for granted

One day I will be unseen and unvisible to you, an existence I’d gladly take

Granted by who I can’t figure out, who granted you this controll over ‘us’

Over our trust, relations, relationship, defining who you are according to me

According to you the definding and overseeing is your role in life

Granting nothing to be new, known, noble or even interesting

Offers from you even the platonic human ones I don’t want to hear

Fearing you or ‘us’ or anything else has never been an issue

You thought it was till the point where no other topic was worth dicussing

Yet I never saw it as ‘I need you to live’ sign everytime you said goodbye

I no longer felt the need to call or return your call, ask why and howcome

I didn’t feel like you was putting me a side or feel shunned

Well-knowing that ‘we’ never really excisted, when you said ‘we’ were an item

Items don’t have emotions that are tredimensional or diverse

The are doll, driery and overly dimensional, solitude is there tone in life

You took the exit door to soon and was relieved when the door automatically

Shot itself closed and made time to reflect on what had happen without any mistakes

Dropped my heart you surely did on the concreet floor

Sore from my that by heart was, I hesitated to be in the same predicament again

The same place as you where for more then what was reasonable

Reason has never been a possibility with you, why I rationally dicline haven contact with you

What was necessary for love in our space was forever to be temporary

Which made me happy to redefine my views on life, ‘love’ and you..

Love between us never existed it’s ‘friends (lust, lies and to-face-ness)

They took over and ruined it’s shine and sparkel

– leaving a blank photo behind of the real you…


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