It’s dark outside where only my homie light streams out

Shinning strongly and willing to grant me one more look

At the beautiful dark shades on the wall shapes & figures

Showing as a single independent line solidly bright

Flicking around in a new atmosphere not frightent yet alive

Creating space to see the hidding – to explore the old in the new

Re-interacting with the lost pieces searching for them 

Preventing the new arrivales from fearing their destiny

All by myself I’m becoming with my stories as my company

Routineless, governless, fearless I face my future 

Only my own simplicity can support me in fight against my thoughts

One secound I might think it’s the wind

The next minuit I could’ve sworn it was the wave

A half an hour later I discover footprints on the path towards my house

In a couple of hours all these thoughts will be erased from my memory

Leaving things as they were that morning

Embracing the indenpendence always designed to me my solitude

Perfect for me and my life – embrace independence I do advice


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