Living, I do live another kind of life some may say

To live in your own reality, a great adventure it must be

I breathe new fresh air every other day, breathing the weather

Wheathering, witty and wisefully like a breath of fruitful air

A simpel single yet utterly necessary item

Which makes it possible for humans to live .. as they wish

A incredible diffcult task to achieve or tackle, some may think

For even when one does not feel like working at it, one still must

Therefore we all shall remember to breath new weather, at all times

Furthermore, when one tries to end it – one starts to hesitate 

Rethinking all that has no ideal effect on anything, really

Yet these smalls trials and trivial fases are dealth with anyway

It might because one do not want to merely play around with the idea

But one needs to know that it wont better the situation

Occasionally one dreams about times and places that suits ones soul

Eventhough one for one weird reason try to persuade oneself

You do not care about silly stuff like what others think, how others live

A more lively and up-lifting life. Lifestyles change quickly for some 

But mine seems to be going rather slowly..

I might care about things I ought not to care about

Caring makes my soul feel spontenous and alive

On the contrary.. Which might be where the real issue lies. 



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