Alienly, alienated, alienation…

Lifeless, loveless, loneness – left

In a hole so dark

In this world all alone

No one’s here, no one’s near

No one close enough to see

No one can hear me

Hear me screamin’ or shoutin’

All am asking for is help

A helping hand, but nothing seems to give

No one’s listening – no one’s there

In the end I have only myself and the tears

Crying ’till my eyes turn red nearly showl’n up

Trying to find comfurt in the ageny and alien-status

I’ve come to stay in, without any luck I can’t be more stuck

Strikes and stribes have more consistensy then I do

All there is acomplished, has been for the sake of the majority

Joy and foregiveness is a tale told by the few

Strengthen in the identity given to me by my passport

It says Alien-passport therefore I must be an alien too

Foreign refugee in a country where grey is the colour of the unknown

All that’s acomplished is that I feel more alienated than before

I’m a person in the wrong zone, left behind, put to the side

Alienated by my past, future and gang..

My passport as changed colour from the greys to the reds

Nationaliticly greatful I am suppose to be, changed I will become

Yet changed or greatful I don’t feel, not more than the day before

I was a citizen of this country yesterday as an alien

I’ll be just as good a one tomorrow with the same country as my nation…


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