Guess’ tosted around like coins

Thrown after a homeless

Sacreficing the safety of the many,

The secruity of the odd few

Who’s doing what others normally are forced to do

Talks about the future shared as a different as bondage – binding

Bridges of culture and language from all kinds of periods

In our World History come together

In one rythm, one wall, one dance..

Proving it’s just as black and just as pale

As the past once was, today..

The present is a wild and mild version

Of yesterday, breaken out of its mold

Into a new shade of heartent shell

A hallow and tenderly one

Shaped, renewed in it’s new surroundings


RUNNING around your territories

While using fancy academic higly expected concepts

To some merely known as words

Cyllabels creaticly aclaimed by the elite

Something so simple, so evident,

So purely made into a battle between veterans

Integrated this, assimilate that


Fearing labels and unknown faces

Consequences lead to

Don’t wanna become one of the hated

But I’ve gotta state it:

Put your thinkin’ hat down you two faced fool.

We all know which shoes you wore back,

When you used to skip school..

Generations are here to stay

We all will one by one have to collect & pay

Now tell your man you, who seem to know it all



The world pobulation into different classes and generations

Don’t play with fire when you already have a hard time seeing clearly

You might hurt your eyes or one of the other fool’s

I guess you intepreted tool wouldn’t know how I mistake looked

Even if it hit you in the face



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