It was Wednesday a few minuits ago, soon it’ll be Thursday all ready. A day some people call ‘little Friday’. Starting with a nice dream and a welcoming smile – ending with music beats and hiphop-vibes. Sunshine and lighting strikes – with a lovely ginger-ale in my right hand.

Hopeful and happy I look my new found future closer to me, investigated all the words that are said. SOULful and sweet the air is tonight – please stay with me ’till it’s morning I whisper into your ear. Without fear I beat withe streets – my heart weeps no longer – beating angain it allows my heart to do. My body is grooving with the music tunes. Eagar to greet next week and leavy the sorrows of yesterdays trouble’s ..

Aisha – an artist I just learned about today inspires me too seek new and higher growns. I advocate to you the same – seek tomorrow to be different and more interesting than today was. ‘Celebrating new times with great people and even greater vibes’ The newest status-update on my beloved facebook-profile.

A trilling Thursday I wish you all ❤


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