Even though I love you more than ever

I hate the distance that’s separating us

Sanity keeper where are you when I need you?

Why is the past taken over my sanity?

Took it over she took you away from here

Owned by no one but yourself you follow

The stream the line of frictions shoving all pain

To the sides – feeling different we both do..

Retelling the same story of how the wrong was done

How you lied till there was nothing but hurtful scars left

Deebly drowned by dreadful drops of your dumb descisions

You’re currently at her place, hunging her slowly till 

All tracks by me our dusted away like some kind of dirt

Decieved I’m destined to feel it seems, illusions – deslusions

I let you live a double life only known by a player from back 

In the golden days.. I’m asking you now with the little courage

I have left in my bones, Maurice don’t strive to the untenable

She might me warming you up with love for a moment or two

But Darling, why you calling me soon as reality gives you a check

It’s nothing because you don’t know what to do in these situations

It has nothing to with all of those weird material attachments others feel

What it is only known by tha Man upstairs, who does care about us.. 

She’s by your side know, however I was here first and be here lastly too

You – me – we – unseperable and freed by all labels modern people 

Confined themselves to – for you will be known as mine – and I am forever yours ❤



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