More then I could have hope’d for

Leaving me wishing for much more

Sadden by the ‘Hi’ being so briefly

Yet slighhtly shallow why I can’t say

Unreasonble given that you swayed

Me away yesterday night, at midnigth

Left be to hold your bottle of water

‘Till it slowly became mine to have

Safely we said our see you soon

While you whispered I truly hope we do!

Asking for my number you  classicly did

However, in a manner suiting only a gentlemen

Sincerely replying with a I ask so you know that

I actually genuinely do like to get to know you

And see your face and smile again..

What about you? Caught of guard I shyly

Reply… Ehm, well of course I guess..

My number is, before I could try to remember

The actually didgets of my new number

He smiled and said: Wait I wan’t you to right

It down in my little notebook, If you don’t mind

Sure I said, schocked by his clean act and

Rare politeness, directly letting me know

Why he does what he’s doing with me

Feeling safe and secure I find myself

A new part of myself, a better one then

All the ones I’ve seen or briefly met before

Your chilled and calm me to the right tempature

Amazed by all that is near you, I don’t fear you

Reason your message with gratitude, yet surprised

I am – I cannot lie – for it is too good to be my truth

Your truthful out of this world, born in and other Universe?

Caring about how I am, hoping I got come safe

Saying kind words like: It was a pleasure to meet you

Like I was greeted by a unknown yet pure creature

Saddened that it ends as quickly as it happens

For you may no longer be in the same country as I

Leaving Copenhagen without saying a well-deserved

Goodbye or soon to be together again, ‘Hi’..

Glad that I chose to spend this Sunday with close friends

Helping my mind and heart to think of other less

Darkened and gloomy things, it’s not your fault

Neither mine, we had a blazed – our time was divine

Ending our messages over the phone with a well meant:

Wish you a safe trip – greeting- following a smiley

Brought to you by pure memories of our moment!


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