Humans are too focused on making 

All dark elements seem depression

Yet that just ends up robbin’ all the juice

From this epic period of your long life

You can make the juicious joy out of 

Darkest moments known to mankind

My blues are a significant part of me

Blue being my favorite calor clearing

All mistakes and misunderstandings

I’m not colorblind, I happen to be in love

With color coordinaring all shapes and shades

That enter my life from all sides known to us

Illustrative yet so inspiring – locking it all in

Leaving all the good for those who deserves it

Amazed and graced by your presents all blues

Do become the sweetest music written for all of

Our shared and teasured moments in love with 

Each other and our beloved life – alone and together

Teasuring the memories granted us my almighty

Creating a sure and pure booble we can live in..

At the back a sign with these humble words inscripted

Corrects the mood to a groovy tune – blues style 

Jazzing up our life wishipering to our common lover:

“The blues can’t drive drepression clear

out of a house, but can drive it into

the corners of any room where it’s being played

As long as there is a criminal element

And as long as there is a social in prison

I am not free….”


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