So today is a new day. The day before was spend watching a great movie by John Depp – The Nineth Gath (highly recommended).. So with by three close friends and afterwards we just watched Monthy Python and talked ’till we fell a sleep.. It was suithingly relaxing and I love it.

Music and fine people give be good vibes. I find myself caring these elements like their a additional yet atteched part of me. Right now I’m very intrigued by it and by Common as well. I see him as much more then ‘a rapper’ or lyricist. He is passionate, evovled, revolutionary and attractive! A realist with a sense of pure harmony. His basically exactly what this world craves for and needs. I am a fan, not something a say about every artist especially the new breed.. For some reason I just feel that Common is sensibly different – type of guy you just want to be with – to have arround you. Chill with – a poet and my inspiration 🙂

Enjoy this youtube music video by Common called: Come Closer – featuring Mary J. Blige..

Merry Monday to all of y’all 😉


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