I’m not going to give up on us

Whatever it will become will be

What is in reality and not just in my colored mind

You’ll make sure it’ll be more than just the shit

I’ll be so hooked that I just won’t stop hitting ‘rewind’

Whenever this happens I’ll drag my sorry behind

Morning, noon, afternoon, evening or even midnight

I’ll do my best to keep us in sync no time for any rethink’

We are swimming no longer sinking or slipping anywhere

But where we’re meant to be – welcomed and still seen

Sweetness is more then green dollar bills with Mr. Benjamin on

Wronged but rightously loved by the right type of guy

Wearing a black but blazing t-shirt wishing his shirt

Would suddenly just fall of and end mysteriously in my hands

His hands in mine while we dance my non existing sorrows goodbye

His eyes directly looking at mine, we’re intimate yet calm

I’m intimately feeling whatever this is, whatever the moment grants us

Enchants us it already knows it will, the lights lid my inner happiness

Leaving the beats in control of every bone in my body and your hands

Become my new and strong willed puppet master, mastering the skills

A craftsman like you haven’t been seen in this part of town in years

Straight from the other part of Europe, you might have been born

But tonight it was destined that we shake our bodies to the same music

While holding hands and smiling like we might just making ’till the next day

Your name and mine both foreign and unknown – yet easily grown fund of each other

I wonder what happens.. When we say ‘Hey’ and ‘Goodbye’, will there be a following ‘Hi’?


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