A couple a weeks ago a good friend and I

Attended one of these fairs or forums

This time it was held by a Magazine – Femina

The tickets where cheap and the add looked good

I called her and asked if we could go – we did

It was a sunday early in the day – around 10 o’clock

I guess it might have been..

We decided to meet at a metro station, DR Byen

It’s close to one of the major network companies in Denmark

Anyways I was just about to say hi to my friend Sol (Sun in Danish)

When I hearted load voices, people looking quickly away

Some where fixated towards one particular direction

Basically the whole situation was getting wierder and wierder

Like someone unknown dark force was headed our way

When the shouting and high pitched voices wouldn’t disapear

I finally decided to have a look at what the fuss was about

Have in mind that I haven’t even said ‘Hi’ to Sol yet

Our hello was unexpectedly interrupted – disstrupted

It was at this point it hit me like a bad break-up

‘Wait there’s something familiar about this launges’

Is it English.. No. Danish? Nah, what about Somali? Yeah!

This is when my face turned red, by eyes went down

And I forgot all about talking to Sol or even saying hello

I was for some odd reason imberessed by the whole scenary

Later on I say their faces, a mother still yelling at her child

With two little daughters in each of her hands

Her son was the one in ‘trouble’, not even caring it looked like

He was still doing his own think, running in and out, again and again

They where close to the metro-train on the otherside

Distanced from me but still closer the what felt comfortable..

I was wishing for her to stop welling and her son to listen to her

I didn’t feel sorry for her, ’cause she seemed strong

I wasn’t feeling anything for him either other then irritation

I guess I just felt like I’ve seen or heard about this story before

Probably felt impressed of it happening again

When this happens to me, which it rarely does I can’t help

But feel like everyone’s looking at them judging

Afterwards starring at me thinking: I wonder if she knows them?

The women yelling is dark-skinned and a hijabi, so is she.

Maybe there the same kind? Should I ask her what’s goin’ on?

These thoughts might be slightly dramatised but still truthfull

Or so I have exprienced prevously..

Now a days I’ve just become quicker at responding or avoiding

This time I went on with my life and said my hello’s

Sol and I then when in to our train in pure silence

Not the ockward kind but the one where you know

The other one with you needs time to think as well!


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