Wishing all the worthy wonders I know

This world must have to offer

It might me hidden and even forgot

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

Maybe it just doesn’t have anyone

Who is there for them

Who believes in them

Whose willing to fight for them

Who can be the hero the always wanted

But who never showed up

So they choose to become their own hero

With the goal to save their day and wish them luck

Sometimes I stare at the sky

While wondering why am I so unhappy and shy?

Everyday I seem to be sleeping my life away

Someday it might be the last dream I ever created

The last wish for tomorrow and hope for my future

Goes something like this: ‘WE’RE WORTH IT – So GO GRAP IT!’

I want you to know you’re worth for me to wish the best for

You’re worthy to be part of my everyday wish

Even the biggest ones on my list

Because you’re worth waiting on or waiting for

You’re wish – you might even be the one ❤


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