Hey there…

You (whoever you are)  who’s reading my awesome blog.. I watched an afro-american movie called : ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself’ – a really great movie I recommend you it ;-). Anyways after see this I just started writing – love when that happens. However sometimes it just starts to have it’s on life and the end results is very different than what I thought. So have that mind. Enjoy – or maybe not!


Help me on my journey

Help me on my way

Help me on my feet

Help me find my peace

I hope that you will help me

Why won’t you please help me?

I’m not good at loving anything or anyone

I know I’m ready to be loved ’cause I’m finally starting to love myself

Having you around gives me comfort

I’m not that good at talking about feels

But this I know.. I think I’m starting to like you

Like a friend, like a good one – a close one

But I also think… No I know it’s beginning to become more

I’ve heard about this feeling before

I’ve even dreamt of it before wishing it would happen to me

Living life the right way even though times and trivial situations

Make me sometimes worry and think it might me wrong

It’s not though!

A lot of things in my life are wrong – really wrong

I’m hundred percent sure that you’ll never be one of them

Never you my love, you’re too much a part of me

You’re the love I’ve grown to have for me –  only for myself


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