Thoughtful thinking can help you

In more ways than one

I’ve though come to realize that

It the whole art of thinking

Could use a manual telling us people

How to manage it and make it work

With us and not against us

At times it feels as if the idea of thinking

Makes it seem like a better solution than

It actually is…

The problem isn’t your thought

Or even the fact that your thinking

But more how you chose to do this

Because thinking causes more trouble

Then it brings solutions

Having a hard time sleeping

Your find yourself awake for no reason

Away from what matters to you

Not able to do what your suppose to

Being in a relationship yet feeling strained

Watching distance between us gets

Bigger by the minute, till you’re left deranged

Always choosing between loneliness and heartbreak

Which is as if you’re choosing between pest and cholera

Basically I think that…

 I shouldn’t think more than necessary

It’s not even yet in January

But in the beginning of  a lovely winter

Where thoughts are left for serious moments

And laughter are left to deal with the rest


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