‘Love.. Pure love never returns a void’

Avoiding reality creates adversity

Known by the few

Storing hatred, hardship, harming, hindering

Holding out all other elements

Love shares common features with

Having harmonies yet they manage to leave

Just as quickly as they came

Speeding away like a one hit wonder

However, this time I’m the audience

Looking in from with out

Inside I know I am, ’cause I see walls I recognize

Smells, sounds, background music

And other small insignificant clues

Makes it clear that the surroundings might be

Familiar but even more foreign, the atmosphere

Leaves me feeling estranged, to the end

Where I think.. Start believing I must be deranged

Courage, strong, determent, sensible

Are the nouns used by close ones when setbacks

Keep coming at you hitting you harder

Hurting you, haunting .. Holding you down

Void may return, and leave the impression that

It is a onetime deal, a-reminder-and-then-I-leave-again-on

Do not let it fool you like I foolishly was

It repeats returns like favors given by someone

Who wants the best for you, who knows what is needed of you

To turn your tables, and return to the you

You loved to spend time with

Share and create new memories like soulful gifts


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