Sun shines outside..

Dressing myself ready for the day

For all it might bring of fun and freacky times

Packing my black leather bag with frizzy drinks

And other non-alcoholic baverages

Remembering the wicked offer: two Ginger Ale for only 30 kroners

Saying silently to yourself – Netto here I come

Relaxed and appropriately happy you check your outfit

One last glace – knowing it seems different for some reason?

Your wearing a long skirt (You don’t do that – Do you?)

Not really your thing, but wonderfully casual it does look

So what the heck – It’s friday – A cultural one

Make-up on your going to, a colourful kind

Just to suit the nonchalant and groovy night in sight…

Wine, winding, willingly grinding and shimmery lighting

Words of wonder and heavy partying, the night is young

And supossedly so am I – a night with movies staring Sean Connery

Religion and red wine! Summon the crowds, shades and crowns

A cultural night is on the menu – just what I love to like 😉


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