People of the world..

Often called children of the universe

We have now gotten a reason to back up

Step up and make up our minds!

There are many of us, but where are we all?

At times where the presure is on us

We flake, debate and deviate from any unified plan!

However we are no longer have the capacity:

We cannot dedicate

We cannot degrate

We cannot shake this ground

We have to involve ourselves in tomorrow

We shouldn’t be stuck in a box or a periode of time…

We aren’t always considerate

We have to be natural

We haven’t forgotten about, where we come from

The brave man, living or dead

Who struggles but perseveres

Who stands firm on his/hers belief

Who believes in the personal and communal

Communities, homes and even shelters

Far above our poor power to add or delete

We need to fear the darkened gutters

Yet seek to those you are born fearless!

We have got to step back into time 🙂


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