Why do you feel the need to put my views down?

Just because it doesn’t fit into your world-view?

I know that we are from the same country, with the same nationality

And speak the ‘same’ language even with the same colour of skin..

But does it feel like that’s all we have in common?

At every point where I feel unity, you only see what divides us?

Where I see companion or kinship, you say: We are not from the same region!

When I try to stay positive, not because I’m unrealistic, dreamy or childish..

BUT because I after 22 years of seeing my Motherland sufring need to focus on the good in the bad.

You pick on me, and correct the little errors you see in me.

Stating that IT is why our Nation wont blossom or prosper.

Seeing my reaction makes you hurry up and say: WAIT, I don’t mean you as in ‘you by name and as a person’

A typical comment given by Somali – trying to state the truth without hurting your name!

Which leaves me with a big REALLY?

I’m diminished into a you’re not a individual in the sense that you think.

NO, you’re really just a person with a regular name

Basically you’re a type not a Halimo or even Farah’s future wife

But the kind of Somali, who acts like they have every answer to every question

‘Cause they every now and then open up a book written by a man with a fancy English name.

The funny part is.. I saw and still sometimes see the person behind this voice in the exact same way, they like to describe me.

Does that make me any better? Just because I choose not to say it publicly?

What this shows is that none of us know anything worth knowing about the other ‘part’.

We think we do and like to act like we have the answer for our own salvation.

And when we can see failure coming close, it is time to push the button called:

“The problem with you is that you have forgotten about your history, your Somali pride, culture and valuable tradition.

Your wrong is that you’ve forgotten God, His messenger and the Truth. Read the holybook and please seek forgiveness.”

A sentence that silence all living and empties the left over’s from the soul – scattered all around the whole universe.

Which keeps you where you need to be – hiden and silent!

It elavates the other ‘part’ up untill ‘they’ reach the highest human made level of respect!

In other people’s eyes you’re the shit (the bomb.com!) – in my eyes your just a shit!

Stay in line woman you won’t have the chance to say, what’s on your mind.

You might be a Muslim like me, but you’re still not entitle to – make these assumptions!

All preachings by you end with you, thinking that this has closed this case.

Fortunately life is more evovled then this, we have new places to seek support from.

So I ask you one last thing; if your entitle to talking to me like this…

Entitled to by who?


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