After the seize of fire had occurred I silently sighed and said my goodbyes

All the energy I had in me was taken by my family, and given to my mother

Any reboot button left on me, was replaced with a SOS signs and signals made by my ancestors

I still look down when I walk well-knowing, I have royalty in my veins going through blood-lines

However, ‘Common’ is my still my middle-name,

‘Sense and Sensibility’ is no longer my surname – ’cause he had to escape into his own

Hoping all different parts of me somehow will join forces

I pray for peace, harmony and tranquility

Searching for new company to share the rest of this lifetime with or just awhile

Prayers like: ‘Oh lord, may I never say my name in vain or be associated with any kind of shame’

Are heard from the mountains and the valleys nearby

Part of a old and ritually demanding daily routine

A rememberance of the cultural duty’s past on to us – by those before us

Traditions we learn little by little – day by day

Disasters have struck us – our people – our lands

But we have prevented it to strike twice and erase

Our mentality and strong believe in humanity!

We are calculated ,even if we have no combination of common sense,

As our beloved backbone anymore

We’ll have to grow us a new family trone!…


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