Stubborn I was born, stubborn I still am

Play by the rules in graved in my soul

Melting itself my pure childish heart

The following years are in my memory

Noted as when I finally nodded knowing

I might never be seen as the child I had been

What I was now, was to me still unknown

I owned nothing really all I had was ours

The only real thing that was totally mine

Was my smile and the personality it carried – for me

Step by step a managed to gathered around my walls

They became my shelter against the strangely spheres

Surrounding us – circling me smelling my freshness

Ignorant I wouldn’t call myself, but struck by a sense of naivety

Willingly I set that child-like behavior away

Teen I had become – more stubborn then before…

Ready to set the world on fire

Figuring it out without a doubt

Wandering nowhere unknown

Driven by my nature to believe

Freed I knew wouldn’t become

Strength I had grown to enforce

In all aspects of my life – for eternity!


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