How come life is about facing one unconditional turbulance after another?

From left from right leaving me finally when I’m feeling left out

Fear.. Out of the chaos into the shades full of gloomy light

Shady sounds shimmery while shoving and stirring up sinful streams

Making me shout: ‘unwanted and uncalled for you always will be..’

How come – hoes come – wait … who came?

Someones looking, watching us – following us

A writer writting too fast worthless unreadable words..

No one seems to get me, I no longer get, what I used to..

Words stream out of my ears into my mouth

Out of my nose again..

From above – from the sides – coming up from under us..

Angels are in action, none of them communicating

 Just staring at nothing, ignoring one another

– All are numbed!

Human’s, creatures even the divine ones..


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