I listened to a popular song yesterday.

The day after a few words kept repeating itself constantly.

Pushing me towards the computer. ‘Waking up’ to find myself in front of it and typing the title.

Seconds later the songs on and beaming out of the stereo-system connected to my laptop.

Specific lines struck and stayed with me:

“I’m in control, but you being a man don’t seem to understand […] So keep thinking you’re the man. Cause it’s all part of my plan. […] R.I.P to the girl you used to see her days are over!”

Keep hearing them sung by a strong and confident female voice.

Trying to make a change in her life finally invigorated!

Basically telling herself and an unkown ‘him’ that she ready.

At first I thought that she was talking about a different girl, the guys x or something.

But I’ve come to realize she’s talking about herself.

Saying goodbye to a part that no longer defines her.

Even though ‘he’ might not see that strenght coming from you and not him.

It’s about letting go of something that others have more control of – a part of you..

Power, tricks and mind games people play on you.

Without you noticing or writing down, nearly paralyzed when reality struck.

You’re nothing but a ‘nodding head’ and ‘yes pleaser’..

What you give and bring to the table has been reduced into these two ridiculously lame and superficial sayings.

That just doesn’t make them any less like a knife sharp and ridged.

Hurting in more ways then you thought anything ever could.

Control is a power you thought adults would use, while using their common sense and brain.

Not the case! People do what they feel is best suited for the current situation.

This is driven by what sells and shocks the most.

The more provocative, stress inducing and confusing the better.

If you’re left without any effect, reaction resulting in an increasing puls.

The statement wasn’t good enough and the mission iscategorized as failed – a joke even.

I might decide to do what she did, and tell someone:

“I run this game, just play a role. Follow my lead, what you waiting for?”.

A clear message saying that you might have thought that the agenda was set by you.

But you know the truth now. I’m the decider fool – now wake up 🙂

(Inspired by Ora Rita’s song: R.I.P – song quoted in the poem)


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