Is it true that fanaticism is a ‘ism’ that spreads like a virus. Not that this is a negative thing. Biology teaches us that there are good and bad versions of ever creature and creation. Virus is just one of these creation just like fanaticism. My question is then: In the fight against a movement or a ideology that’s seen as ‘bad’ or ‘evil’, the fighters after they’ve won the battle end up ‘being’ exactly what they fought: fanatics or a virus. The same goes for politicians who fight against a stigma often end up doing what the preached against. Why are we human beings so quick to judge others? And if we are let only engage with those we ‘like’ and ‘who gets us’, we tend to behave even more insensitive and suppressive against the ‘wrong’ group. The fear of suppressing suppresses us without us knowing it. This fear grabs our freedom and throws our future in a gutter, hidden and know left to be found in the lost and not-found department.

Battling out unsolved and unknown issues without really knowing who and where the opponent is shouting from. The corners lurk with whispers and rumors of conspiracy and nonsense. The gifted and rational are few and have a unfortunate expiring date. Truthfully what  people choose to do and they right they will do are 8 out 10 times the complete opposite. The fact is we choose to do, what we condemn others for doing. We write about what we aspire to do, so that others can become inspired, and inspire us to do the same. We believe in miracles we say, because of our faith and fundamentals, but we are blind. ‘Cause we still can see the miracle the lies in our heart and soul! Fanaticism is in all human beings, we use it when we need to. It makes us feel strong and resistent to all the viruses that (we think) surround us.

We’re tied up, chained down and brused yet totally unaware. Or just not admitting that we all are fanatic at times!


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